Nikom Pharma Marketing is a reputed brand known to a majority of India's pharmaceutical companies. The Company challenges the competition's pricing and trades in quality pharmaceutical APIs and intermediaries with pharma companies and clients across the states in India.
Nikom Pharma Marketing has started its initiation to market a variety of bulk drug, API's (Active Pharmaceutical ingredients) and intermediates, where it has got firm alliances with global pharmaceutical companies to provide a bundle of attributes to our clients from smooth access to all the major pharmaceutical companies based in India.

Nikom Pharma Marketing make sure that finance is never a constraint for our clients, understands the need of financial assistance to functions smoothly, we can avail the facility of LC (Letter of Credit) documentation for the long way in helping the clients in regard.

The facility ensures that:
The transaction influences increased turnover benefits
No loss of business is incurred
Anti arrhythmic
Anti cardiovascular
Anti depressant
Anti diarrhoeal
Anti diabetic
Anti fungal