At Nikom, what we stand for is complete customer satisfaction. We always make sure that what we offer is stamped with our assurance of supreme quality which surpasses the benchmark of this competitive industry.
Nikom Pharma understands the requirements of our customers and accordingly makes arrangements for the same. We trade in a variety of bulk drugs and API's and Intermediate to suit our client requirements - penicillins, anti-cardiovascular, anti-diabetic, analgesics, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and veterinary medicines.
Nikom Pharma has always stood by its mission, which is to acquire global excellence in the drugs we market at the best suited prices. We ensure that we acquire our drugs from a competitive market at justifiable costs.
Our representatives have garnered years of experience in pharmaceuticals and API's and Intermediate. They are dedicated to providing our customers with end-to-end marketing solutions. Our marketing specialists ensures complete customer satisfaction, and in turn build trust and strengthen long-term relationships for the benefit of future trades.