Nikom Pharma is a leading marketing company. It was launched in 2003, bringing together specialists with decades of combined expertise in API's intermediate.

Within a few years after its inception, the Company increased its product portfolio across various drug categories. It gradually established a cohesive network of premier manufacturers, importers and users of bulk drug (pharmaceutical API's and intermediate) located not only in India but also in countries across Asia. Through its reliable products and servicing, it has been able to develop a strong equity among its principals and clientely.

Nikom Pharma is led by Jayant Mirani, the Managing Director of the Company who has a vast experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing and was associated with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India. With the expertise of Mr. Jayant the company is structured to various verticals to provide end-to-end marketing solutions to its clients and principals.
Nikom Pharma Marketing aims to be a global leader in marketing of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediaries. We wish to facilitate global excellence in availability of drugs at competitive prices.
To become a knowledge-driven global pharmaceutical company
To facilitate success of partners in a sustainable and viable manner
To build the largest network of pharma partners
To build unique competencies to assist partners
Anti arrhythmic
Anti cardiovascular
Anti depressant
Anti diarrhoeal
Anti diabetic
Anti fungal
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